Our Team

The ITSD Hub team is committed to empowering Indigenous communities by supporting career progression, safety, food security and overall community well-being through our programs.

Torrye Wheaton

ITSD Hub Manager

Torrye Wheaton is the Manager of the ITSD Hub and a Project Manager for the National Indigenous Fisheries Institute. She lives in British Columbia, on Vancouver Island and holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. Torrye has successfully managed a wide range of projects in the fisheries and oceans sector throughout her career, developing work plans, monitoring budgets and leading teams to ensure objectives are met.

In addition to her technical expertise, Torrye is committed to supporting Indigenous communities along their journey to self-determination. As an ally, she is dedicated to ensuring Indigenous peoples are respected as decision makers and knowledge keepers of their lands and resources.

Keshia Moffat

ITSD Training Development Coordinator

Keshia Moffat is a Training Development Coordinator at the ITSD Hub. She is a Mi’gmaq woman
from the community of Ugpi’ganjig (Eel River Bar First Nation) in New Brunswick.

Keshia has a wealth of experience in the fisheries field. She previously led training initiatives for commercial fisheries operations in her community where she designed and implemented training programs covering safety protocols, sustainable fishing practices and equipment handling. Keshia has also played a significant role in conservation programs, including the Atlantic Habitat Salmon Restoration Program.

As an Indigenous person, Keshia is committed to supporting and empowering Indigenous communities in developing sustainable and self-determined fisheries that respect traditional practices and values. Because of her lived experience and Indigenous values, she is well positioned to make a positive impact in creating safe and sustainable fisheries practices for future generations.

ITSD Hub Organizational Chart

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The Indigenous Program Review (IPR) in 2016-2019:

This led to the Indigenous Training and Skills Development (ITSD) Hub project. 

The ITSD Hub will offer training coordination and development services across collaborative and commercial programs. 

The National Indigenous Fisheries Institute (NIFI) will act as the national, external Indigenous body assigned to track, coordinate and organize training to link Indigenous communities and groups to other federal, provincial, territorial, non-governmental and industry training and skill development activities.

Communication Team

The ITSD Hub Manager and ITSD Hub Training Coordinator are housed at NIFI. They work to establish lines of communication and share information to create efficiencies across members of the project.

Working Group

The ITSD Hub Working Group includes Management Committees that are representatives from regional collaborative and commercial fisheries programs (CPMC, AICFI-MC, PICFI-MC and NICFI-MC). They provide strategic direction to the ITSD Hub implementation. The ITSD Hub Manager and Training Coordinator attend management committee meetings to gather feedback on developed resources, understand training needs and provide progress updates.

Development Team

The ITSD Hub Development Team (CDT Training Advisor, AICFI BDT Training Advisor, PICFI BDT Training Advisor and NICFI BDT Training Advisor) includes program leads and training advisors with links to the regions. They focus on resource development, data collection and coordination and other key statistics.

Glossary of Terms