Supporting a future where Indigenous communities have fair and equal opportunities for training, employment and leadership in the fisheries and oceans sector.

ITSD Hub: Empowering Indigenous Communities Fisheries and Oceans Training

The Indigenous Training and Skills Development (ITSD) Hub is an organization that offers training and resources in the fisheries and oceans sector that support meaningful employment and career progression. We work with Indigenous communities, governments, and academic partners to develop specialized training that empowers and builds community capacity in the fisheries and oceans sector.

Fisherman repairing net on pebble beach

Our Vision

Supporting a future where Indigenous communities have fair and equal opportunities for training, employment and leadership in the fisheries and oceans sector.

Our Mission

The ITSD Hub provides training and development resources for Indigenous communities in the fisheries and oceans sector. We equip communities with the necessary planning tools and resources to support career progression and stability. Through the development of innovative and community-based training programs, we create a range of diverse job opportunities for Indigenous peoples, while also improving safety and contributing to food security and overall community well-being. Our ultimate goal is to empower Indigenous peoples to thrive in the Canadian economy, while advancing economic reconciliation and creating a brighter future for all.

Collaboration for Educational Opportunities

Investing in training and skills development is vital for Indigenous communities. At the ITSD Hub, we recognize the unique training paths and opportunities in fisheries and oceans careers. We collaborate with a network of Indigenous subject matter experts and educational institutions to develop our comprehensive training programs and resources. These programs are designed to meet the unique needs of Indigenous communities from coast to coast to coast.

Committed to Community Success

The ITSD Hub is committed to training coordination, resource development, performance monitoring, partnerships and diversification. Our Training Development Coordinators collaborate with our commercial and conservation partners in DFO’s Indigenous Programs Department. Through these collaborations, we create consistent tools and practices to support community-based initiatives.

ITSD Hub offers training modules and information on accessible career paths, while regular performance monitoring helps us adjust our resources and respond to the changing training needs of Indigenous organizations and individuals. We strive to forge partnerships with other Federal Departments to advance community-based training and skills development initiatives.

Inclusive and Supportive Training Resources

Our training materials and resources seek to uphold Indigenous values and knowledge systems. Our team is dedicated to increasing access to training resources and supporting Indigenous communities’ success in the fisheries and oceans industry.

A fisherman working on a boat deck, sorting out oysters and other shellfish. Traditional sustainable oyster fishing on the River Fal.