Seeking Indigenous Training Professionals and Developers for the ITSD Hub

Posted on August 10, 2023
Updated October 11, 2023

Seeking Indigenous Training Professionals and Developers for the ITSD Hub

About the Indigenous Training & Skills Development Hub

At the Indigenous Training and Skills Development Hub (ITSD) Hub, our mission is to create a transformative impact by providing Indigenous communities with opportunities for training and skills development within the fisheries and oceans sector. We are dedicated to fostering a future where Indigenous peoples have access to fair and equal opportunities for training, employment, and leadership roles in the fisheries and oceans industry. Through innovative and community-based training programs, we strive to enhance career prospects, strengthen sustainable resource management, and improve the overall well-being of Indigenous communities. Our commitment to economic reconciliation and environmental stewardship drives us to forge strong partnerships with Indigenous subject matter experts, educational institutions, and government agencies to deliver comprehensive and culturally responsive training resources. For more information on the ITSD Hub, please browse our website. 

We are seeking information from qualified Indigenous training professionals and curriculum developers who are interested in working together across our training and skill development initiatives.

We are actively seeking Indigenous training professionals and curriculum developers with experience working with Indigenous communities. Our ideal partners should possess the following qualifications and expertise:

  • Demonstrated experience in delivering fisheries-related training programs specifically tailored to and with a focus on Indigenous communities and learners.
  • In-depth knowledge of Indigenous perspectives and practices in fisheries management, monitoring techniques, conservation practices, or related topics. 
  • A track record in developing training programs that are culturally responsive, respectful of Indigenous knowledge systems, and designed to meet the unique needs of Indigenous learners.
  • Ability to effectively engage adult learners, especially within an Indigenous context, by employing culturally relevant teaching methodologies.
  • Demonstrated dedication to advancing the capacity and empowerment of Indigenous individuals and communities in the fisheries and oceans sector.
  • Access to relevant resources, materials, and tools to support the delivery of the training courses.

Submission Details

  • An overview of your organization’s experience and success in delivering and/or developing fisheries-related training programs specifically designed for Indigenous communities.
  • Details on the qualifications and credentials of key training professionals or developers who will be involved in delivering and/or developing the training courses, emphasizing their expertise in working with Indigenous people and communities.

Interested parties must submit their qualifications and submission details to

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